Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Big Trees

Last week I set off from Dorchester to provide a talk about the project to Bournemouth Natural History Museum I decided that I would cut through Kinson to avoid the long journey around on the A35, and to my surprise I noted this Oak standing at a busy junction, with a girth of 5.82m!

Also as part of the project we have been providing advice for landowners. This tree is going to have protection from grazing animals unfortunately the animals have been compacting the soil beneath the tree damaging the rooting system and the mychorrizal fungi which is a beneficial fungi helping the tree access nutrients that aren't very mobile in the soil.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Red Sky at Night

I thought I would post this picture as we have been having some beautiful nights over the winter months, apart from the heavy downfalls!
This tree is standing in a field just as you enter Wimborne onto Julian's Road.

There is also a magnificent lightening tree (Ash) near by which lost its main leader in the winter of 2006. I drive past the tree everyday and I must admit it is one of my favourites!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Where am I?

When a friend informed me of a marvelous ancient Oak tree near Wimborne I was surprise to find it tucked away on a housing estate. It just goes to show that these trees can be found anywhere.

This tree gives us a quick snapshot of how our ancestors would have managed the land for instance this old pollard would have provided a valuable resource for fuel, fodder, building materials etc....
However, what I think is fabulous about this tree is how it has survived the development pressure surrounding it, but on the other hand how many other trees didn't?
Full location details will soon be available on Dorset Wildlife Trust website. In the meantime please feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Over the road

Over the road from the famous Wyndham's oak adjacent to the A303 is this magnificent Oak tree, completely hollow but happily growing away.

Even though half the tree is dead it is still sprouting with new growth and is a brilliant tree for birds of prey to sit on and look out over the rolling hills of Dorset!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Where are the veteran trees?

The overall purpose of the project is to secure the long term future of veteran trees by promoting their importance for protection, providing advice for best conservation practice and galvanising support for veteran tree surveys.

What is a veteran tree?

Trees of interest biologically, aesthetically or culturally because of its age, size and condition

So far the project has been promoting veteran tree surveys and since June 2007 the project has seen a huge donation of data from private landowners! Many thanks everyone!!

However, the extent of veteran trees found in the county's hedgerows, ancient woodlands, fields, urban areas and along public footpaths is still unkown but it is believed to be significant!

So if you can help or require futher infomation please contact